Our Population


Roughly 60% of our population consists of Israeli citizens, who are either children of English-speaking immigrants or have immigrated on their own. Language barriers, coupled with normal teen angst, prevent these teens and young adults from accessing government services. As a result, Crossroads has played a key role in helping these teens and young adults to successfully integrate into Israeli society.

Soldiers and National Service Volunteers

Over the past few years, Crossroads has been seeing an increasing number of soldiers and national service volunteers. While these Crossroads clients have decided to give of themselves to Israel with the most sincere of intentions, they often find themselves in very stressful and vulnerable situations. While in this specific stage of life, many are drawn to the unique culture and services that we offer.

Tourists and Students

Approximately 40% of our clients come to Israel as tourists or as students for a year. During their stay, these teens realize they need therapeutic support or counseling in English. These young people are often searching for help in Israel, but lack access to Israeli social services because of their temporary status.

Our clients are both male and female and span the religious and political spectrum. Crossroads social workers welcome each teen that walks into our doors with warmth and acceptance, offering teens the opportunity to turn their lives around.