Gap Year Services

For over 18 years, ​Crossroads​ ​has ​provide​d​​ ​critically-needed programs and social services ​to thousands of English speaking teens and young adults ​in Israel.​

Crossroads has become ​THE​​ ​address for hundreds of gap year students​,​ and their schools each year​,​ ​with ​the full spectrum of ​their mental health needs, from crisis intervention to intensive individual therapy.​​ ​Crossroads offers an alternative t​o​​ the emotional pain and suffering that its clientele experience, with the aim of instilling every teen​ and young adult ​with hope, motivation, tools, and a direction for a better future.

Supported by grants from Cross River and the Jewish Federation of Ocean County


Crossroads offers individual therapy to participants of gap-year programs. Therapy sessions are generally held from 11am-6pm on Sunday-Thursday, with the hours of 11am-2pm specifically allotted to gap-year students. Students can sign up solely for therapy, but are also welcome to take advantage of Crossroads’ additional services (including our Job Center, GED Preparatory Course, Groups and more). In order to start the therapy process, the client calls and requests an intake. The case is then assigned to a therapist who reaches out to the client to schedule an appointment. Crossroads is also able to coordinate therapeutic services with a point person at each school. The therapists at Crossroads are trained to be sensitive to each client, no matter what background they come from.

Trainings and Consultation:

Crossroads offers trainings for gap-year program administration, educators, madrichim and staff. Trainings include topics such as crisis intervention, drugs and alcohol, and best policies for students’ well-being. Trainings can also cater to specific mental health issues that arise in a particular institution. Additionally, Crossroads provides professional consultation to gap-year programs regarding mental health issues and crises. Gap-year programs can turn to Crossroads for advice, support, and best practices about specific students and relevant situations.

Dr. Danny Brom,
Masa-Crossroads Mental Health Conference in 2018
Dr. Danny Brom,
Masa-Crossroads Mental Health Conference in 2018
Robbie Sassoon,
Masa-Crossroads Mental Health Conference in 2019
Dr. Stuart Chesner,
Masa-Crossroads Mental Health Conference in 2019

Workshops for Gap-Year Students:

Crossroads facilitates workshops geared towards young adults about a variety of issues. Workshops can be offered as a one-time session, or as a series of 3-4 meetings. Topics for workshops include safety in your year in Israel, healthy relationships, and specific issues that arise in a school or program. Crossroads is open to catering workshops to particular mental health concerns that are requested by a student body.


Crossroads Year in Israel Student Hotline Number:

050-HOTLINE  (050-468-5463)

Crossroads Social Workers are on call at all hours of the day and night if there is a crisis that arises for gap year students and they need support, information or just a listening ear. There is no issue that is too small or large for the Crossroads Hotline. Crossroads Hotline staff are trained to help students figure out what resources they have as well as offer additional resources and information.

For more information about Crossroads Gap-Year Services:

Please contact | 02-624-6265.