Crossroads' Theater Shed

Crossroads Theater Shed initially began with a small group of kids performing in a night of theatrical scenes, featuring both classics and contemporary. It has since joined with Chickenshed in London to develop an inclusive workshop for teens and young adults. By performing with others, it is possible to have fun and learn so much about yourself.

Crossroads Theater Shed Program was launched in 2020 with the idea to bring together young adults and teens from different backgrounds to develop their theater skills. It will focus on improvisation, acting techniques, and end with a production. Confidence will be gained and friendships will begin.

The Crossroads Theater Shed runs weekly, Mondays 5:45 PM – 8:30 PM. By participating, teens and young adults will have the opportunity to learn and improve their acting skills, to gain from weekly improv workshops, and take part in the end of the year theater production.

For more information related to the Crossroads Theater Shed, please email CB at or call the Center at 02-624-6265.