Crossroads' Theater Shed

A theater program, in 2018, initially began with a small group of kids performing in a night of theatrical scenes, featuring both classics and contemporary. In 2019 as a collaborative partnership with Chickenshed UK, Crossroads Theater Shed was established, with a shared vision to create an inclusive theater program in Israel.

In addition to offering acting and improvisational workshops, including playwriting mentorship, Crossroads Theater Shed has produced two virtual theater festivals in 2020 and 2021 including one in active collaboration with Chickenshed UK. That successful collaboration resulted in our developing a special collaborative cross-cultural program between youth from Crossroads and in the UK.

The Crossroads Theater Shed runs weekly with different programming. These include improvisation, playwriting and working on a theater production. By participating, teens and young adults will have the opportunity to learn and improve their acting skills, participate with peers from across the globe and learn about theater production.

For more information related to the Crossroads Theater Shed, please email CB at or call the Center at 02-624-6265.