"Create Your Future" Employment Center

The Crossroads’ “Create Your Future” Employment Center provides teens in Israel with encouragement and support. Opportunities to learn essential job skills are provided in an environment where teens already know they will receive understanding, respect, and advice. Supervised job internships and apprenticeships for teens are offered with local businesses. In addition, the Employment Center offers opportunities for our teens to make contact with successful role models in the community, opening their minds to future opportunities.

Our philosophy is to help teens acquire the tools they need to find a job, and then strengthen their ability to maintain a successful employment experience by supporting them throughout the job experience. Our staff monitors teens’ progress, helping to increase the length of employment, building on their ability to stay in one position, and overall aiming to improve success in the workplace.

The Crossroads Employment Center provides:

  • Help with Job Search
  • Assistance with Applying to Various Jobs
  • Resume Building
  • Troubleshooting Employment Issues
  • Role-playing Initial Outreach to Employers
  • Learning How to Appropriately Use Social Media as a Form of Outreach
  • Building Confidence
  • Career Workshops
  • Interacting with Entrepreneurs in the Community
  • Continued Follow-Up and Support

Career Workshop with Reuben Beiser, owner of Mike’s Place

Career Workshop with Zev Stub, founder of Janglo

Career Workshop with Mendel, sous-chef at Crave

For more information related to the Job Center, please email Mira at Mira@crossroadsjerusalem.org or call the Center at 02-624-6265.