Expressive Arts Programs

Crossroads aims to provide a safe space for teens to explore and express their creativity through multiple mediums. We hope that through our various programs, teens gain not only practical skills, but also a deeper sense of self. With every program, we welcome participants of all skill levels to come and participate. By engaging with our programs, participants have the opportunity to become familiar with Crossroads’ staff members and like-minded peers.

Our programs generally run in the late evening hours, during our night moadons. Based on our population’s interests, we focus on providing exciting and relevant programs, such as:

  • Art Class
  • Music Lessons
  • Theater Shed
  • Voice Lessons
  • Creative Writing
  • Self-Defense Course
  • Cooking Class
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

*This is an example of various programs that we have run or are currently running; therefore, not all the programs listed are current. In general, all the programs run on a seasonal basis.