Drop-In Centers

The Drop-In Center: Moadon

Located on Hahavatselet Street, directly across from Zion Square, Crossroads offers a safe space for teens to hang out with friends, interact with social workers, participate in various activities, or just relax. The doors open at daily 2:30 PM, at which time teens can make use of the Center’s services.

Some of Crossroads’ services include:

  • A lounge including couches, a TV, video games, and board games
  • Therapeutic Services
  • Create Your Future Employment Center
  • School of Rock Music Program
  • Expressive Arts Programs, such as weekly theatre group, art class, etc.
  • Educational Support
  • Crisis Hotline

The Evening Moadon: A Hangout

The night Moadon is open Sunday through Wednesday, from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM. A range of ongoing and one-time activities is offered. Based on our population’s interests, we focus on providing exciting and relevant programs, such as:

  • Art Class
  • Music Lessons
  • Theater Shed
  • Voice Lessons
  • Creative Writing
  • Self-Defense Course
  • Cooking Class
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

*This is an example of various programs that we have run or are currently running; therefore, not all the programs listed are current. In general, all the programs run on a seasonal basis.

The Thursday Night Chill

Every Thursday night, the Center opens from 9:15 PM until 11:15 PM, as a safe supervised place for teens and young adults to hang out with their peers and our professional staff. On Thursday nights, there’s a rotation of ‘Open Mic’ Nights, Concert series by Crossroads teens, paint nights, make your own sushi, and various other events. During the winter months when the teens tend to gather more inside, we also provide hot soup.

In addition to the nightly programs that we offer, there is always space for the each teen to do their own thing, aside from the main program that is being run that night, such as interact with his or her friends, play an instrument, watch TV, play video games, or talk to a social worker.