"School of Rock" Music Program

It has been said that music is a teen’s language; this is certainly true at Crossroads, where a day rarely passes without the sound of music echoing throughout the hallways of the Center. Whether it’s a group of teens creating a good vibe jamming on the guitar, piano, or drums, or trying out the melody of vocals on a new song, music is one of the most frequented activities pursued and enjoyed by teens at Crossroads. Not only do the teens enjoy jamming, creating and learning music together, but the music itself also provides a profoundly helpful and expressive outlet for teens. 

Therefore, the Crossroads’ “School of Rock” Music Program provides not only an open music room that’s available at all open hours of the Center, but also free one-on-one music lessons. Additionally, once a month we run ‘Open Mic’ nights in order to provide a platform for teens to express themselves, while at the same time showcasing their varied talents. As another part of the Music Program, we have initiated a concert series, in which our talented teens have been invited to offer concerts for their peers, during scheduled Thursday Night Chills, as another setting to express themselves.

Overall, music at Crossroads has provided a positive avenue for self-expression and has been profoundly helpful for those who are in distress or find it difficult to express themselves.