“Crossroads has successfully tackled a problem nobody wanted to acknowledge with one of the toughest populations in Jerusalem. These youth, who won’t take help from anyone, come to Crossroads on their own. That says it all.”

Professor Yossi Tamir
Executive Director, Ashalim Planning and Development of Services for Children at Risk and their Families, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

“These kids would fall through the cracks of the system, and fall hard, if not for Crossroads. Crossroads gets them back home and back to school and back on their feet.”

Menachem Wagshal
Head, Division for Youth and Young Adults in Distress and Correctional Services, Israel Ministry of Social Affairs

“Crossroads has placed itself, in its location and through its agenda, in a position to assist young adults who need the guidance of caring people to help them sort through the complications and issues of their lives. Its modest facility is providing an atmosphere that welcomes them and allows for the intervention required to direct them to become independent and secure.”

Sheila Kurtzer
Wife of Daniel Kurtzer, United States Ambassador to Israel, 2001-2005