A Letter from A Crossroads Client

Dear Social Worker,

When I was living in Israel I came to Crossroads confused, lost, hurting, and scared. I had no fixed address and was struggling with so many aspects of my life.  You approached me in such a loving and compassionate way that for once in my life I was not embarrassed and did not feel judged. Thanks to you, I still felt like I had some dignity. It was the first time that I felt vulnerable, but still had some dignity and was given hope. Thanks to you when I came to Crossroads you gave me that hope. You helped me find housing and supported me with my basic needs. From helping me get home to teaching me life skills. When I was ready to get help you were there to help me. You were my biggest support and cheerleader. Even when I got back home we still kept in touch and spoke on the phone regularly. Whether I was living in Israel or back home with my family, you have been there consistently. I called you many times , not always in the best headspace and you supported me until I found a new support team and care plan.

You were the first person I trusted and was able to get honest with. You taught me many tools such as assertiveness, the importance of self-care and self-compassion, being mindful and an attitude of gratitude. You also taught me not to give up no matter what, as well as to take things one day at a time.

I came to Crossroads fearful and broken. As a result of your support  as well as the other staff at Crossroads today my life is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Today I have a sense of peace  in my life. I have become teachable and have a hunger for knowledge. My mind does not go a million miles a minute all day everyday but rather I am able to focus and breakdown daily tasks in order to achieve my personal goals, whilst still feeling calm most of the time.  You held my hand and helped me walk through some of the scariest times of my life. When I was scared and fearful you broke it down for me in a way which did not always eliminate the fear but definitely decreased it. When I was unable to help myself you never gave up fighting and advocating on my behalf. Winston Churchhill once stated “you have nothing to fear but fear itself”. Leah you helped me realize that just because I may feel fearful about something in my life, does not mean I cannot walk through the fear and achieve my personal goals. Today I went to my College graduation and graduated with honors. If it was not for your support just a few years ago, I would not have had the problem solving skills and life skills to achieve this milestone in my life. Thank you for teaching and guiding me so that today I have a life that I never thought was possible. I hope one day to be able to help others just as you have helped me.

You taught me the importance of accepting and loving myself no matter what. It does not matter what others may think or believe but what matters most is how I view myself.

A Crossroads Client