How Do We Create A Healthy and Effective Dialogue About Sexuality With Gap Year Yeshivot and Seminaries

In this workshop, Dr. Ribner will offer Jewish Studies program professionals a more in-depth understanding of the role sexuality plays in the world of Yeshiva and Seminary students.  The workshop will explain what kind of sexual exploration and feelings are developmentally appropriate for this age, and offer direction to staff to help respond supportively to their students regarding issues of sexuality.

Dec 6, 2022

34 Yafo at the new Crossroads Center & Clinic, Jerusalem
(between Coffee Bean and New Deli)

Women – 14:00
Men – 15:30

The Workshop will be delivered by Dr. David Ribner –
Chairman of the Sex Therapy Training Program –
Continuing Education Unit, Bar Ilan.

Female Staff of Seminaries and Religious Women’s Programs

Male Staff of Yeshivot Seminaries and Religious Men’s Programs