Teen Testimonials

“I’ve been going to Crossroads since I was 13 years old. Not only is it a great place and the caring staff is always there for you, but they also helped me stay off the streets by giving me somewhere safe to chill. In addition to all the help I received, I started the GED program, which has been really good for me and offers a lot for me. I’m so grateful for all that Crossroads has helped me through.”

–Shira, Age 18

“The Center gives a lot to kids both with and without homes. The social workers help with almost everything you need — jobs, a place to live, schools, etc. The Moadon has a very warm atmosphere; I always feel accepted there. I love the social workers and staff, especially Sarah. In general, it is hard for me to trust people, but at Crossroads I feel comfortable to be myself and I always feel at home.”

–Ben, Age 20

“By getting my GED, I proved to myself and everyone else that I am not a quitter. I could not have controlled whether or not I was moving to another country mid-high school. However, it was my decision either to remain a dropout of high school or earn my diploma and make something of myself. I chose to be educated and give myself more options in life.” 

–Rachel, Age 19

“Three and a half years ago, I started coming to Crossroads. Back then, I was in an emotional crisis and I met Simi, a social worker on staff, who helped me work through my emotional crisis and move on with my life. I owe her, and all the social workers from Crossroads that helped me, thousands of thanks. Thank You!” 

–Yosef, Age 21 

 “You kind folks helped both of my kids here in a big way, and I really appreciate it. Honestly, I’m not sure how either of them would have survived without your help.” 

–(Dad of) Meira, Age 17 and David, Age 20

“Crossroads has been like a home to me; I can speak or dress however I want, and no one will judge me. The Center is here for me during the hard times, but also celebrates the good times with me. It is a place where I have a sense of belonging and a place where I can be myself.” 

–Aliza, Age 15